08 07 | 2012

Songbook-Client 0.7.7

Written by Crep

Here is the release 0.7.7 for the Songbook-Client that brings the following updates:

  • support songbook options between braces
  • support for fields "original song" and "artist website"
  • the cover of the song can now be removed
  • correct edit freeze after find/replace all (thx Lohrun!)
  • LaTeX logs are flushed when starting a new pdf build
  • opening an already opened song switches to the corresponding tab (instead of making a duplicated tab)
  • the completer menu for macros has been rewritten and should now work (at last!)
  • turning spellchecking on doesn't set the song as modified anymore
  • tabs can be opened/closed with mouse middle click
  • bug fixes for songbook templates in preferences

Note that the release 0.7.6 did not happen because of a last minute bug ;)

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