22 08 | 2012

Silliest Software Name, Ever

Written by Crep

Reading some Lilypond related news, I've just stumbled on this:

"Finally, I have to announce (proudly) that the record for the Silliest Software Name, Ever, is currently held by a French music program whose name roughly translates as... "crepe batter". Think about that, next time someone tells you "LilyPond" is a stupid name."

I'm still laughing for the award of Silliest Software Name, Ever ^^ I guess I deserve it :)

For those that did not dare asking, I came with the name "patacrep" for my personal website since "crep" is my nickname (I used to eat a *lot* of those crêpes). Thus, "patacrep" (from "pâte à crêpes") represents fairly well the mix of my projects and softwares (with much more traditional names such as songbook and songbook-client :p).

But seriously, I'm really proud of this award!

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